Kebler Pass Area – County Rd 12

Ride Details

Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance: Varies
Climb: Varies
Descend: Varies
Status: Groomed by SNOtrackers
Last Groomed:
Trail Type: packed road/groomed road
Trail Conditions:

Groomed regularly by the good peeps at SNOtrackers – a well used motorized corridor, but also sees great grooming that makes for good fatty’ing, or cross country skiing.  But be aware, weekends and busy seasons see high motorized use to whom advocates for and maintains the area.

If you’re going crust riding, be sure to know your property boundaries to avoid trespassing! The CBG Trails Winter Layer can help. 

Be sure to check with the CBAC about avalanche conditions! Proceed with caution. Be safe out there!



Kebler Pass is a designated motorized corridor. It sees very frequent snowmobile use, has guided snowmobile tours, is cared for by Gunnison County SNOTrackers, and is the access point for Eleven Experience operations at Irwin. If you’re looking for a quiet area – this may not be your place, but with all the use there, does come great packed surfaces, including regular grooming. Kebler Pass is 7 miles up the road, a gradual climb, and drainages off to the sides (Irwin Campground (3), Ohio Pass (4), Splains (2), climb a bit more. But that always leads to a fun downhill! You can also continue over Kebler Pass towards Lost Lake (5) if you’re really looking to put in some miles. Sometimes SNOtrackers grooms all the way to Erikson Springs – 20 miles out!  During heavy snow, these roads and tracks can get buried very fast and the riding disappears until the locals get out and play in it! Kebler Trailhead is 2 miles from Town. Try to leave the North side parking for trailers and larger vehicles – and be sure to ride smart and single file as there is a lot of fast moving traffic. Beginner to Expert

Gunnison County SnoTrackers website and info HERE.



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