Kebler Pass – County Rd 12

Ride Details

Difficulty: Intermediate
Status: OPEN Groomed by SNOtrackers
Distance: Up to you!
Trail Type: packed road/groomed road
Descend:everything you climbed
Ride Area:


Kebler Pass is a designated motorized corridor. It sees very frequent snowmobile use, has guided snowmobile tours, is cared for by Gunnison County SNOTrackers, and is the access point for Eleven Experience operations at Irwin. If you’re looking for a quiet area – this may not be your place, but all the use there does create great packed surfaces, including regular grooming. Kebler Pass is 7 miles up the road, a gradual climb, and provides access to the Splains Gulch/Lily Lake Loop.

Use the TrailForks winter layer for a complete map of Crested Buttes fat bike trails.

This road enters avalanche terrain, do not ride out here without the necessary equipment, education, and precautions!

Gunnison County SnoTrackers website and grooming info HERE.


Kebler Pass Rd. on


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