Lily Lake Loop/Kebler Pass Rd.

Ride Details

Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance: 11 mi. from Town - 6 mi. from Trailhead
Climb: 1500'
Descend: 1500'
Status: Groomed by SNOtrackers
Status: User compacted
Last Groomed:
Trail Type: Wide track - groomed by SNOtrackers
Trail Conditions:

Groomed regularly by the good peeps at SNOtrackers – a well used motorized corridor, but also sees great grooming that makes for good fatty’ing, or cross country skiing.  But be aware, weekends and busy seasons see high motorized use to whom advocates for and maintains the area.

If you’re going crust riding, be sure to know your property boundaries to avoid trespassing! The CBG Trails Winter Layer can help. 

Be sure to check with the CBAC about avalanche conditions! Proceed with caution. Be safe out there!


Start in Town and get a serious bike ride in, or start at the trailhead 3 miles up Kebler. This is Gunnison County SNOtrackers country, and they do the grooming up this way.  Head up Kebler, then Splains, then over to Lily and down the steep (fun as can be) descent, back to Kebler and finish the loop. Or bust up to Lake Irwin and get some mad miles in from the grooming that SNOtrackers does, along with Irwin Guides.

Just remember to be cool to other users, and this is very well recognized motorized corridor.  So ride single file, keep your head up, and respect all that out there.

This loop is also a great skate skiing/nordic loop, especially if you catch it just after they groom and the snow sets up crazy good overnight.


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